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Pool and Hot Springs Rules*Please read and follow ALL posted pool rules*

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  • Swim and soak at your own risk - WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURY OR LOSS
  • Do NOT leave valuables in changing areas - WE ARE NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR LOSS OR THEFT
  • Infants and toddlers MUST wear SWIM DIAPERS & RUBBER PANTS
  • Children under 15 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by an adult at all times
  • Children MUST BE 45" tall to ride the slides
  • NO children under 8 in Hot Mineral Pool – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • NO pool lifejackets,swimming flotation devices or pool toys  (potentially dangerous)
  • Please remove ALL jewelry – sulfur tarnishes silver and can harm other metals
  • Comply with lifeguard requests - Rowdy pool behavior may result in removal from the premises.
  • Avila Hot Springs reserves the right to refuse service or remove un-cooperative patrons from the facility.
  • Pool Slide closure may occur for shift breaks
  • NO running or diving
805.595.2359 | 250 Avila Beach Drive | Avila Beach, CA

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